How to 100x your money in the most Degen prediction market on Base!

PredX x Aimelia
3 min readJun 13, 2024


Three months ago, we announced the release of, an AI-powered prediction market. Four weeks ago, was alive on Base mainet. If you are not familiar with, the most popular and fun prediction market by the people (and for the people of course!), this article will help you understand it better:

Now, we wish to introduce more tips about how to help you make more money on

Strengthen First Mover Advantage

You might have heard of Friend.Tech: Friend.Tech has revolutionized SocialFi with the concept of a bonding curve, ensuring that share (key) prices that are sold by the platform increase along with the demand. Users who enter the market earlier will benefit from a relatively lower key price than the users who enter the market later. The early movers also have the option to sell their keys below the current market price to earn benefits.

PredX has adopted a similar approach in designing the prices of its event contract. We call it a “ticket selling system”, where shares of Yes and No are always available from the market with a linear increase in price along with the cumulative supply:

  • At the very beginning the price of Yes and No shares sold at a relatively low price: $0.50 per share, but there are only 5 shares available at this price.
  • After the first 5 shares of $0.50 sold out, the next available price is $0.51, and there is no more Yes price being labeled as $0.50. The number of available shares at $0.51 is 5.
  • Users who place the market orders should settle with the lowest ask price, so users who entered the market at $0.5, will get a 2% return just by entering the market earlier if the lowest ask price now increases to $0.51.
  • At this moment, early movers can put a limit sell order at $0.505 to compete with the shares currently sold in the platform, to provide additional liquidity to the market.

This design choice is not just a feature; By ensuring that shares only appreciate, we strengthen the first mover advantage and provide Degens a more attractive return projection on event trading.

No Cap Prediction Market

A classical prediction market has a relatively strict mapping between the ticket price and probability, which constrains the upper limit price of the prediction market to be $1 (100% probability).

At, we remove the cap and let the shares of Yes and No reach unlimited high. This design can largely alleviate the liquidity problem in the circumstances when the event is close to the end or the users have reached a consensus before the event ends.

After we remove the cap of yes and no prices, the probability of the events is computed according to the spread between Yes and No prices, with the constraints that:

  • The probability of Yes and No sum into one
  • The relative ratio between the two probabilities of Yes and No equals the relative ratio of the current prices of Yes and No

By redefining the trading experience, is ready for $Degens to achieve the next level of financial income .



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