Introducing the PredX Point System: Earn PRDX Points and Boost Your Event Trading Experience!

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2 min readMay 28, 2024


Every interaction on the PredX will be rewarded with points. In the future, these points can be exchanged for airdrop tokens. Here is a introduction to our tokenomics and guide to the PRDX points system, and we hope everyone will actively participate:


This chart shows the allocation of tokens, with the largest portion, a substantial 50%, dedicated to the Community. This significant allocation underscores the critical role the community plays in the ecosystem. Community members are at the heart of our focus, holding half of the total token supply. Points are the essential credentials for eligibility in future airdrop exchanges.

The Point System

PRDX can be exchanged for airdrop eligibility in the future. By successfully completing the specified actions, you should have already accumulated at least 152 points. Here’s how it breaks down: you’ll earn 100 points for completing registration, 2 points for your first login, and 50 points for your very first USDC deposit. Let’s get those points rolling!

1. Registration and Login

  1. Successful Registration: +100 points
  2. Daily Login:
  • First Day Login: +2 points
  • Consecutive Login Rewards: Starting from the second day, earn an additional +1 point for each consecutive day of login, on top of the previous day’s points.
  • Points Cap: Consecutive login points increase until the seventh day, after which you will receive a fixed +8 points for each day of login. If a login is missed, points reset and start again from +2.

2. Trading Activities

  1. First USDC Deposit: +50 points
  2. Trading Volume: For every 20 USDC in trading volume, earn +6 points, with a daily limit of 30 points.
  3. Create Event: +300 points

3. Leaderboard Rewards for Weekly Top USDC Traders:

  1. First place: +1000 points
  2. Second place: +500 points
  3. Third place: +300 points
  4. Fourth to tenth place: +100 points

4. Invitation Rewards

  1. Inviting New Users: For each new user you invite who registers and completes their first trade, you earn +15 points, with no upper limit.
  2. First Trade by Invited User: The invited user earns +5 points after completing their first trade.

Remember, your points are only accumulated on the main net.

Join us and start trading!



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