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3 min readJun 30, 2024


PredX: Revolutionizing Prediction Markets on Web3

PredX is the leading AI-driven prediction market in Web3, renowned for offering unmatched accuracy and transparency. Our platform solidifies the power of PredX’s underlying infrastructure, setting a new standard in prediction markets. With unique features such as real-time data processing, explainable AI, and generative coevolution, PredX stands out as the smart choice for users seeking reliable and insightful predictions.
PredX is not just another prediction market; it is a platform designed to provide a unique and rewarding experience. Our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction has created a strong moat around our product, ensuring that PredX remains a leader in the industry. Users love us because we offer precision and transparency unmatched in the market, and our continuous innovation keeps us ahead of the curve.

Prediction Market Score System Helps to Reward Early Adopters

For the PredX system, we identify and value early adopters and want their early contributions to be seen and rewarded. We have PRDX scores distributed on separate blockchains and for each blockchain users can earn PRDX scores by deposit, withdraw, and trade using real money. To get a score faster, users can conduct the following things:

  • Login to the system every single day
  • Refer to a lot of friends!
  • Deposit $USDC
  • Become the winner each week!
  • Create events and become an event creator!

Detailed Rule of Scores

Registration and Login

  1. Successful Registration: +100
  2. Daily Login:
  • First Day Login: +2
  • Consecutive Login Rewards: Starting from the second day, earn an additional +1 point for each consecutive day of login, on top of the previous day’s points.
  • Points Cap: Consecutive login points increase until the seventh day, after which you will receive a fixed +8 points for each day of login. If a login is missed, points reset and start again from +2 .

Trading Activities

  1. First USDC Deposit: +50
  2. Trading Volume: For every 20 USDC in trading volume, earn +6 points, with a daily limit of 30 points.
  3. Create Event: +300

Leaderboard Rewards for Weekly Top USDC Traders:

  1. First place: +1000
  2. Second place: +500
  3. Third place: +300
  4. Fourth to tenth place: +100

Invitation Rewards

  1. Inviting New Users: For each new user you invite who registers and completes their first trade, you earn +15 points, with no upper limit.
  2. First Trade by Invited User: The invited user earns +5 points after completing their first trade.

By successfully completing the specified actions, you should have already accumulated at least 152 points.
Here’s how it breaks down: you’ll earn 100 points for completing registration, 2 points for your first login, and 50 points for your very first USDC deposit. Let’s get those points rolling!

More ways of getting rewards

In the upcoming weeks, we are going to conduct a series of marketing campaigns, including but not limited to:

Internal Campaigns

  • New Product usage rewards: reward users with the most usage of products
  • Friends referral rewards: reward users who invite their friends the most

External Campaigns

  • UX Link: $500 USDC rewards
  • Bounty X: $200 USDC rewards
  • Bounty Global: $200 USDC rewards

Discover our New Product Line: More Fun, More Rewards

We are going to launch a series of new products that help users trade better and win rewards faster.
Here are the upcoming products that we are going to launch:

A more convenient way of earning rewards and USDC will be launched the first week of July.

A more friendly way to get users onboard and earn scores will be launched in the first week of July.

A friendly and convenient way of earning scores will be launched in the second week of July.



PredX x Aimelia

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